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Books that start with A - E

Among the Hidden by Haddix
The City of Ember by DuPrau
Buddy is a Stupid Name for a Girl by Willo Davis Roberts
Chasing the Falconers by Korman
The Cheat by Koss
The Empty Mirror by Collier
Dovey Cove by Dowell
Break and Enter by McClintock
Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gholdenko
Burning Up by Cooney
Black Star, Bright Dawn by O'Dell
Hidden Child by Cassidy
Chasing Yesterday Series by Wasserman
The Compound by Bodeen
A Book of Coupons by Morgenstern
Elijah of Buxton by Curtis
Buried Alive by Skurzynski
Before Gaia by Pascal
The Clique by Harrison
The Bar Code Tattoo by Weyn
Dear Jo by Kilbourne
Alexandria of Africa by Walters
Crow Lake by Lawson
Adam Canfield Watch Your Back by Winerip

Books that start with F - J

The Homecoming by Voight
Flipped by Van Draanen
Hoot by Hiaasen
For All Time by Cooney
Invitation to the Game by Hughes
Feather Boy by Singer
Iqbal by D'Adamo
Gathering Blue by Lowry
The Face on the Milk Carton by Cooney
Jade Green by Naylor
I.Q. by Smith
The Hunger Games by Collins
Gone by Grant
Hit and Run by McDaniel
Hush by Woodson
if i stay by Forman

Books that start with K - O

Missing by MacPhail
Nory Ryan's Song by Giff
Now you See Them, Now You Don't - On The Run by Korman
Nobody's Child by Skrypach
Overboard by Fama
The Moonlight Man by Wright
The Old Willis Place by Hahn
The Misfits by Howe
Locked Inside by Werlin
Life As We Knew It by Pfeffer
The Killing Sea by Lewis

Books that start with P - T

Spy X the code by Lerangis
Running Out of Time by Haddix
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Brashares
Pictures of Hollis Woods by Giff
Three Days by Napoli
The Silent Boy by Lowry
Topher by Horrocks
Swindle by Korman
Things Not Seen by Clements
Rat Boys by Ebernardt
Traitor by Johnson
Skeleton Creek by Carman
Shades of Simon Gray by McDonald
Spyhole Secrets by Snyder
Pawns by Roberts
Poison Ivy by Koss
She Said Yes by Bernall
The Roar by Clayton
Sweet Scarlett by Johnson
Thunder over Kandahar by McKay
The Juvie Three by Korman
Ruined by Morris

Books that start with U - Z

Undercurrents by Willo Davis Roberts
Wait Till Helen Comes by Hahn
Wenny Has Wings by Carey
While No One Was Watching by Conly
Uglies by Westerfeld

Waiting for Normal by Connor

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