Reading Websites

A Alphabet Organizer RWT
B Matching Alphabet RWT
CPractise vowels
D Vowels slide show
E Bembo’s Zoo
F Where’s My Match
G Match the Lower Case
H Missing Letter of the Alphabet

Letters and Sounds

Match Beginning letter sounds RWT
B Beginning and End Sounds BBC
C Word Wheel Game
D The Tale of Peter Rabbit
E Alphabetize the bears
F Alphabetize 2
G Put Books in alphabetical order
H Whack the Mole
I Let’s Rhyme
J Little Animals Rhyming Game
K Rhyme Matching Game
L Rhyme Game
M Reggie the Rhyming Rhino
N Rhyming concentration
O Quia Rhyme
P Word Family sort RWT
Q Build a Word Bank
R Missing Letter
S Long Vowels
T suffixes
U Diagraphs
V Starfall Alphabet movie
W R Controlled Vowels

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